Blog Post for 11th December 2004

Well it’s a bumper crop of additions this week, so here’s a bit of a list.

Firstly – the collection of photos David Morrissey gave me when I met with him in September. These include – the missing page from Kidders picture book is now in it’s rightful place. Also, a few interesting new images. The original mugshot of Billy used in the scene when the Liverpool cop meets the Welsh cop, and a few publicity photos here and here. These will all been added to the slideshow on the pictures page soon.

Additionally there are a lot of new press articles in the Press Clippings section, most of which I gathered from the Liverpool City Library, though there’s also a new one in there that Spencer Leigh gave me a while ago that I temporarily forgot about! They are fascinating reading.

Finally, I visited a couple of the location where One Summer was shot around Bala while I was staying in Wales, and have also been sent quite a number of photos of other shooting locations lately (particular thanks to Howard there) so have created a whole new section for us complete sad-cases specially dedicated to this aspect. I’m still working on this section, so come back in another or so week and I should have finished it off.

In order to make room for the Locations section on the menu I’ve merged together Cast & Crew.

These updates have been a bit messy, so do please let me know if you notice any broken links!

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