Blog Post for 20th Dec 2003

A few major additions to the site today. I’ve added some highlights from my interviews with Spencer Leigh and David Morrissey. A very big thank you again to Spencer and David for being so generous with their time.

I’ve also added in the scan of the picture book (which Kidder gave the boys in episode 4) that Spencer kindly lent me – it is accessible from the ‘images’ page. There are a couple of other new pictures there too.

In order to make room for the new content I’ve done a rejig of the menu. There is now an ‘interviews’ tab and the email tab is gone. (my email can be found at the top of the FAQ page) I’ve also made quite a few changes to other pages – so have another look around and you might find something new.

Thoughts, comments? Put them on the messageboard!

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