Blog Post for 31st Mar 2004

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I was sent a copy of a recent newsletter from the site. It included a Q&A with Willy Russell and one of the questions was about One Summer (and this site):

PC: There is a great site dedicated to ONE SUMMER. The tv series seems to have left an indelible mark on those that watched it in the 80s, and those that have emailed the web-site are a little non-plussed by the glitch with its proposed release last year. I know you have long-term plans for ONE SUMMER – How are things progressing?

WR: I don’t really want to go into any kind of detail at this stage. I do think the ‘One Summer’ site is excellent (even when it’s slagging me off!) And I’m glad that the series was so meaningful for so many.

Not a lot to go on – still at least it’s recognition we are out here! Hopefully we will hear more soon.