Blog Post for 31st Oct 2003

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I have received confirmation from Granada Media that the release of One Summer on DVD/Video is not going ahead. I am told that Willy Russell is looking at a possible movie version, so has decided not to allow this version to be released for the time being. This is very disappointing as I know that a lot of people were really looking forward to this. I also know that Network Video were looking forward to releasing the series. I have written to Willy Russell asking if he can give a further explanation to fans. Also – for these who have been waiting for the update on my interviews with Spencer Leigh – I am hoping to post them up soon, but am waiting until Spencer has some free time to go over some of the details with me. I am also hoping to be able to interview David Morrissey (and possibly Ian Hart) soon. I will be sending out an email to the mailinglist soon. Made some changes and additions to the FAQ page.