Rodney Mattey on 20 Sep 2005

I saw this series (twice)when I lived in Exeter, with about two years separating them, and until tonight when Paul Abbott said it ,I couldent remember the title,though I had tried to find out.What I remember most of all was the sense of release for the boys in Wales,& what A positive influence A teacher like Kidder can be,only to be marred by bullying ‘authority’ figures like the gang or the police.Great gritty CHILDRENS!? drama.

Darren Treen on 30 Aug 2005

Loved this tv program, found site by accient and brought back a flood of memorys. loved the story and all the characters. Can’t wait for DVD to come out. i was 15 when i saw it and now 37.

Dodge on 16 May 2005

Classic TV I used to sneak out of bed to watch it…can’t believe it’s not been released or re-run at least Restless Natives has been released now:)

Sally Davies on 24 Mar 2005

Have already entered a comment but feel so strongly about the series & can’t believe how many other people loved the series after reading comments from other views, had to add to previous comment! I’m so sorry that Willie Russell feels that the characters weren’t to his liking, as they couldn’t have worked out better. ‘Icky’ should be in the Oxford dictionary as: ‘fairly naive, somewhat stupid but loveable youth’ Our kids know they are acting ‘Ickyish’ when they ask stupid questions without thinking out the answer (& that’s been since 1986 – 2005!!) and hopefully the phrase will go through the next generation of grandchildren now I’ve managed to order a copy of One Summer from Ebay. Don’t care if it’s not perfect copy, haven’t received it yet, we’ll make it out, don’t care about the copyright, they should bring out kosha copy, they’d make a mint!!

Wendy on 19 Jan 2005

I loved one summer and thought it was brilliNT. I was 14 years old at the time and every one was talking about it in school i would love to but it on dvd, I really hope one day I can.

Dave on 17 Dec 2004

Spent years on and off thinking about One Summer. No one I know remembers it. So glad I decided to look it up and so disappointed it’s not available on video/dvd. I was 17/18 at the time, living in the sticks, and it had a great effect on me, along with Made in Britain, which I finally managed to buy a copy of a couple of years ago. Come on Willy Russell, lighten up, it’s as relevant now as it was then, and should be seen.

Fubar on 13 Nov 2004

why they havn,t released this on to dvd or video is why the world is what it is today.

Steve Foster on 27 Oct 2004

I feel that this is a program that should re run. Come on Willy Russell. It is important that the younger generation today has a feel for what it was like for lads in the 80’s. These are values where we would get the slipper or the belt for mis-behaviour that taught us Disciplie, it also shows how the times have moved on and how “free” lads are today compared to earlier years. Please Willy, change your heart.

Steve Crowther on 22 Apr 2004

It just keeps coming back into my mind. Maybe once or twice a year. But return it does. Living in Wales when ever I see a stream – I remember something about a sheep in a stream and the water being safe a distance below. Never thinking that it was safe above the sheep… I just hope it was from this programme. Thanks for the memories. Lets hope a DVD comes out one day…

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