Alan Vella on April 19th 2010

This was a very special series for me and it has always been in my heart. I remember it used to be on late and I wasn’t supposed to be up as I had just started senior school. I loved it so much and being quite a sentimental young fool, it really had an impact on me. I have thought about it for 26 years and as soon as i discovered I could get hold of it, ordered the whole series. Got home from work tonight and there it was waiting for me! I can’t wait to watch it with my wife and show her. Part of me thought I should leave the memories where they were as I have been disappointed by things in the past that just weren’t as good as I remember them. I hope I still love it, I’m sure I will.

Most memorable moment: When Billy and Ickey are hiding and the copper has a wee in the bush above them

Favourite character: Billy and Ickey

From: Essex

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