carl stephens on October 23rd 2010

I moved from Manchester to Surrey in 1984, I was 13. I can remember seeing One Summer around the same time and it blew me away, it was the first time a tv show really grabbed my attention.Anyway, none of my new friends got it, they couldn’t understand what it was about – I put it down to being a northern thing. The conversation ended and I joined in talking about football and the normal kids stuff. Not long after, at my local youth club, some new kid joined, I immediately clocked him from being from up north, a scouser. He called himself Icky – instant friend.. know there’s a DVD out, but wouldn’t it be great if they could just show it again on Sunday evenings – just one more time C4, please!

Most memorable moment: the whole thing

Favourite character: all of them

From: originally manchester, but now surrey/hants