David Gibbons on September 6th 2010

I was 14 when I first saw this drama in 1983. It was just so fantastic, the best thing I have ever seen on television. It is hard to explain the feelings it left inside. The memory of those feelings are still tangible after 27 years (since transmission). Luckily, I saw the DVD on sale in 2006. I nearly died on the spot when I saw it on the shelf in HMV Speke. One Summer informed my life and has and always will be a big part of a certain feeling I get about Liverpool as a city I feel very close to and the cheekiness and naughtiness of the main characters that I (secretly) aspired to. I envied there cheekiness, their gall, their laddishness. I wanted to be like that.

Most memorable moment: Billy and Jo making love

Favourite character: Billy

From: Warrington; now in Southport

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