Iggy69 on March 30th 2011

As a 14 year old from a rural community watching on a grainy black and white portable this totally blew my mind. It has stayed with me ever since (pushing thirty years now) and I can still remember the feelings the storyline, the music and the performances invoked. Ask nearly anyone who was a teenager at the time if they remember it and their faces will light up, then go a little wistful, as they recall watching it, the impact it had on them and the hours of playground conversation it provoked. The bromance between Billy and Icky threatened by Kidder’s sexuality culminating in the shock of Icky’s death – I think the first time that a film had made me cry. Whatever Willy Russell’s view of it, it remains a classic that touched countless people.

Most memorable moment: When the truth about Kidder is revealed

Favourite character: Icky

From: Cumbria

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