Mass on January 16th 2009

I’ve just watched the whole series again on DVD bought for me for Christmas 2008. I was only 10 when this was first on Channel 4 and never did see the end or in fact have any idea of the story line, but it captured me even at that young age.After now watching it 26 years later, it still captured me, and I now know the whole story and the meanings. My only thought really is that Willy Russell should write then next chapters / series on from the ending.All these original actors are still around, it would be fantastic!To get to see what happens to Billy once he gets back to Liverpool, and does he ever manage to get back to Jo in Wales??Mr Russell please please please finish this story off, even if you take it up to date and we find Billy happily married with Kids in North Wales in the same cottage.Now there’s a thought…

Most memorable moment: Icky skimming the plates in the river

Favourite character: Icky

From: Liverpool

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