Paul Bell on July 19th 2009

R.I.P James Hazeldine (Kidder) . (taken to early).Went to my brother in laws and he had a DVD shelf and One Summer just stood out from all the discs he had. Not many things can drop you back into your childhood years, the old records or a place can but One summer just threw me back, remember we all at school made sure we caught every episode and wasted most lessons talking about it and using icky fraise yehhhh. It must have been the 1st series I actually watched from start to finish, Brilliant pure brilliance. My boy is watching it as I type and he did not want to watch it when I suggested it but he is now also glued to the screen 26 years later. It is like opening a time capsule in the brain all the memories of 83 -84 just flooded out.Thank you Willy Russell for writing a classic

Most memorable moment: Yehhh called out when Icky was excited

Favourite character: Icky

From: Manchester