Susan Shaw on April 17th 2009

I was 18 in the summer of 83, had just met one of my best friends ever (who came from Liverpool) and we were both gripped by the series. I was going to college so we were about to go separate ways and this was when we knew that instead of the end it was the beginning of something. This series was aired during August and finished in early September when summer was indeed, slipping away so very apt. I’ve lost contact with my best friend now so buying it on DVD has brought back a lot of memories; I didn’t realise it was so popular and didn’t expect it to have been released at all.On first viewing it looks so grey and old, what we see on the TV now is of such high definition in comparison. I remember 1983 being a very trendy time! This is also set in what I remember as the ‘real’ 1980s. 80, 81, 82 and 83 when the Tory medicine made everything so much grimmer and hopeless for several years before it showed any benefits at all and not everyone was living it up with the new romantics. However, I watched ‘One Summer’ for the second time today-the colours are brighter and more vivid and you are almost back there…

Most memorable moment: finding the house

Favourite character: billy

From: Ipswich